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Harvest Fair

This is our largest charity event as a church. Starting in 2015 we were blessed to be able to donate all of our profits to charity. We chose to donate to City Reach and Common Cathedral. This year it was decided again to donate all our profits to charity and once again the Missions committee chose City Reach and Common Cathedral! How wonderful to be able to share the blessings in our lives with others.

During our fair we open our church to the town. It’s a combination of a fair and an open house. We have children’s games and a bounce house outside. We usually have a yard sale, book sale, bake sale, craft tables and a silent auction. Our kitchen is open with a delicious lunch. Church members run the various activities for a wonderful day of community and fellowship.

Update on the fair, October 1st, 2016: It was a rainy, cold, miserable morning. We had a canopy on the front lawn for the chili tasting and we had to put another canopy up for the pizza in that rain. But the day got brighter as more volunteers came. The sun never actually came out but the day got brighter anyway as those smiling faces showed up! We had music, we had lots of food, we had lots of activity inside and out! It was a day for being thankful. We shared the day with a number of people from Common Cathedral. We were thankful for their presence and we marveled to ourselves that the fun we shared that day will become a donation that they will be able to use in their mission to help the homeless of Boston. Here are a few pictures from the day. Enjoy!

silent-auction-thank-you (sent to local newspapers by Liz Brennan)