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Prayer Ministry

prayerConfidential Prayer Chain

Purpose: To enable a prayer concern/praise to be lifted up by many people relatively quickly through email.

How it works: An email list is established and when a prayer request for the prayer chain is received, it is sent (blind copied) to the entire list. Those who don’t use email, but want to be “pray-ers” will receive a phone call. Want to be a Pray-er? Contact Lori McElroy to be added to the “blind” group email list; or contact Lori McElroy to add your phone number to the “call list.”

Have a Prayer Request? Email: and your request will go to the confidential prayers; or contact the church office at (978) 448-2091. Prayer requests are held inconfidence among those who are praying for you, and you may request that your name be withheld.

But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. ~Jesus(Matthew 6:6)

Prayer Wall Downstairs in the Church

Purpose: To have a place to make requests which invites a wider “praying audience”. To provide children an opportunity to share requests and praise to God.

How it works: To make a request on the Prayer Wall, you’ll need to enter the church and walk straight into the open room we call Fellowship Hall. Once in the hall, if you look to the left you will find a white board next to the nursery. Find the Post-It notes provided and write your prayer request — signed or anonymous. Place a Post-It note on the white board sharing your request. Prayer requests will remain on the board for three weeks (in a color coded system). You are welcome to return or update a request to the wall after the three weeks have passed. Please also visit the Prayer Wall to pray for the requests displayed. Copy down requests you want to remember to continue to pray for at home.