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Sermons from May 2016


John 16:12-15 Perichoresis It’s Trinity Sunday. The day when it is incredibly easy to try to explain the mystery of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and to end up either committing heresy or making everything even harder to understand. In fact, there was a meme circulating around the Internet this week. It features…

The Mothers of the Hebrew Nation

God, spark of life and liberty within all who care, hold the mothers of the world, and the children of their hearts, in your arms, sharing their joys and soothing their sorrows, igniting their hope, kindling their creativity, and gracing their lives with hope. May we be your arms. Amen. Rudyard Kipling once quipped, “God…

When Leaving is Not Really Leaving

While we’re celebrating the Ascension today, the actual Feast day is on Thursday. Because the church celebrates the Ascension 40 days after the resurrection, it always falls on a Thursday, and so we need to move it either forward or backward, to give a Sunday to it. It’s important that we not skip over it,…