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Father’s Day Sermon

Sermons at Union Congregational Church
Preached by Jack Horsman

June 17, 2018                     Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
                                            Father’s Day

Mark 6:25-34

Father’s Day Sermon

As today is Father’s Day, we’re thinking and talking about fathers.  We have our fathers here on earth and God our Father in heaven. Sometimes our dads reflect the qualities of God the Father; and sometimes they don’t.

Matthew Chapter 6 talks about how God cares for the smallest of creatures, such as the birds – so I think He must surely care for us humans.  To talk about the Fatherhood of God, I have to use my best reference point for the subject, which is my own father, as he has taught me just about everything I know about being a father.

I have been blessed with a dad who loves me no matter what. Which is good news for me because, just like everyone else, I screw up sometimes. However, my dad always forgives me because of his unconditional love for me. God loves us and forgives us in the same way.

One of the lessons that my dad has taught me over and over again is that you should always choose the hard right over the easy wrong. Although sometimes it may be more convenient to do something, that doesn’t mean that you should do it. Instead, you should choose to do the right thing, no matter how hard it might be. This is a lesson that is brought up time and time again in the Bible as well.

Another way my dad reflects the character of God is that he has taken care of me all my life. I’ve never had to worry about anything, whether it be getting enough to eat, or something smaller like getting the new toy I wanted. Whatever it may be, I know that my dad will take care of me.

I also know that God will always take care of me – and us. As it says in Matthew Chapter 6 Verses 25-34, God takes care of such little things like birds and grass, and He takes care of us too.  Matthew says we should not worry about food and clothes – that God will take care of us.  A professor at Messiah College – where I’ll be going to school in the fall – wrote a paper on these verses.

The professor thinks that God takes care of the little things for a couple of reasons.  First, by taking care of the basics of life for us, He shows us that we can trust Him to take care of us.  And that if He comes through on the small things, we can trust Him to come through on bigger things in life.  Also, the professor talks about how by taking care of us, God makes it possible for us to focus on things that really matter – the things that give life meaning.  And that’s something He wants us to share with everyone – the love and lessons of God.

My dad has taken care of me – he’s made it possible for me to grow up safely and feel loved.  I might not always agree or like what he wants me to do, but I trust him.  He’s taken care of me so that I can now go onto study at a Christian college.  I think that’s God working in my life – giving college a greater meaning.

So….If our earthly fathers and our heavenly Father have a lot in common, then perhaps there are some other similarities between them as well. Like, do you think God has a sense of humor? Does he have an endless supply of “dad jokes”?  I’m banking on it – because He’ll need to be able to laugh to deal with me.

Hopefully, you have had similar experiences with your fathers, but I know that not everyone is as lucky as I have been. The point is that our fathers on earth are not God, and no matter what kind of father you have had, we have a heavenly Father – and that’s God.  He loved us before we were even born, He loves us now, and He will love us for the rest of time. God only wants the absolute best for us and wants us to always be at our best. He wants us to understand right from wrong, and for us to always choose the right.

This doesn’t mean our lives are always going to be perfect though. God will let us make some mistakes, because sometimes they are good to learn from and will be better for us down the road.

God takes care of us, He wants to hang out with us – and He does it all for free, simply because He loves us. And we love back. And that love makes us want to do the right thing for God and by God.  Amen.