Serving the World

Youth Mission Trips – From 2010 – 2019, our youth went on annual mission trips to less privileged areas of the United States, where they served in a variety of ways, including creating hiking trails, working on farms, serving in soup kitchens, and working with disabled adults. Though we had to pause our mission trips due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are looking forward to planning our next trip for the summer of 2024 and beyond, including adding in international mission trips. Click here to learn more about our past trips!

The Sri Lanken Partnership – This group helps fellow Christians overseas who are living in poverty. Our Interim Minister, Rev. Corey Sanderson, traveled with them for six weeks at the beginning of 2023.

UCC Offerings for Disaster Relief – When there is a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis in the world, the 5000 churches of the UCC come together to respond. Some of the recent offerings have supported Ukrainian refugees and victims of the floods in Pakistan.

NuDay Syria – NuDay Syria is an organization that collects supplies, packs them in large shipping containers, and sends them overseas. Their primary focus is on Syrian Refugees, but they also provide aid to Ukraine and Lebanon. We have supported them both by collecting physical donations of supplies, and by volunteering at their warehouse to prepare containers for shipment.