10 AM Sunday Worship
218 Main Street

Welcome to Union Congregational Church

Hello and welcome to our website.

The Rev. Corey J. Sanderson became our Interim Pastor on December 1, 2019, while we continue looking for our Settled Pastor. Corey is committed to helping people develop a mature spirituality, is passionate about building and fostering community, and believes the church should be a place where people learn to practice compassion so they can seek and work for justice out in the world.

In addition to his work in churches, Corey has served, led, and supported a number of non-profit organizations that serve The Common Good, both here and abroad. Having spent many years as a college instructor, Corey loves sharing things that he has learned and equally enjoys learning from others.

To escape the busyness of daily life, Corey likes to cook Indian food, play and listen to music, seek out obscure museums, read non-fiction books, travel to new places, attend nerdy lectures, and engage in witty banter with his oh-so-clever friends. All things considered, most folks think Corey is a pretty decent guy. So if you’d like to reach out and say hello, he’d be pretty happy to hear from you.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a church, please come and worship with us some Sunday. While you can learn a good deal on-line, the best way to learn about a place is to visit it.

We believe that God made us with a desire to be with other people. Even the most private person is designed to be in relationships, to connect with others, to know and to be known. God does not want us to be lonely or alone, especially during the rough patches in life.

Through the church God gives us relationships. They may be with people we’d never have expected, but that’s the way He works. He blesses us through each other, in tangible and intangible ways.

But the most important relationship God gives us is with Jesus Christ. In Jesus, God became human so we could know Him better. Through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus we see God more clearly and know God more fully. And because God raised Jesus from the dead we can have hope that no matter how bad it gets, it will get better. This is a promise from God.

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