Teaching Sunday School

Pastor Gail shared the Word with the children of the church.

Pastor Gail shares the Word with the children of the church before they go to Sunday school.

Thank you for considering teaching this year!

The Christian Education Committee is excited to share that we are using the Sunday School curriculum from Spark House. This curriculum has numerous benefits for both our children and our teachers, primarily:

Easier to Prepare & Teach: Each week there will be an opening activity or game, a scripture message, a craft and other activities, which are very well defined. Each week students will receive a color worksheet that has multiple activities that tie in with the overall lesson plan designed for their age level.

Connecting to Worship: The lectionary is a three-year cycle of Bible passages that many ministers, including Gail, follow through the year. By aligning our curriculum with the lectionary, the Children’s Sermon, Gail’s sermon and the Sunday School lessons will all share the same scripture and messages.

We hope that your children will enjoy coming to Sunday School and learning on Sunday mornings and that you will make regular Sunday worship a priority. In doing so, much of what they learn about God, the Christian faith and worship they will learn through example from family at home-from you. As a parent you are teaching all the time, but you are not alone; you are part of the Body of Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit – we all help each other to grow closer to God.